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Meet Our Scientist

Britany Henry is established in the field of psychology as a master level scientist with 13 years proven experience in the managed care healthcare industry, industrial and organizational consulting, extensive experience in mental health, substance & alcohol abuse treatment, utilization review, case management. Britany specializes in the cognitive sciences such as social and cultural psychology, human development, learning, cognition and motivation; statistics, research methods, health psychology, psychopathology, history and systems of psychology, foundations of research design 1 & 2, psychoanalysis and the psychodynamic theory, behaviorism, humanistic, transpersonal and existential psychology, as well as the occult sciences.

While Britany firmly believes our thoughts and emotions create our reality to whence, she is a master level scientist through whence Britany has ascertained a Bachelor of Science in Addiction Studies Treatment and Health Education as well as Master of Science in Psychology to whence she is currently in year three of her doctoral program in the Cognitive Sciences. 

Britany absolutely loves obtaining knowledge of the mind and behaviors as well as methods of reprogramming our mind and behaviors from things that aren't serving our highest good. While Britany is extremely passionate about helping women and men empower themselves and the livelihood of other's she has achieved a high success rate for helping others achieve greater insight, knowledge, strategies, and tools in strengthening them spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, and financially. All of Britany’s services are customized to meet your needs no matter what the situation entails. 

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Grow Your Vision

Britany Henry, B.S., M.S., CRCL, CIT Curriculum Vitae

Professional Summary

Three-year doctoral scholar and training (November 2019- Present), certified revenue cycle data analyst/leader, independent researcher, case manager, 12+ years of clinical research and practice in a clinical healthcare setting, extensive experience in science, human design, and research in mental & behavioral health, master level alcohol & substance abuse consultant, utilization review, case management, crisis management, spiritual, life, and relationship consulting.


  • 12+ years’ experience working with ICD-9 & ICD-10 codes, and knowledge of Provider and Claims Systems

  • Utilization Review

  • Quality & Data Analyst

  • Case and Care Management

  • Crisis Management

  • Risk Management

  • 9 years Exploratory Clinical Research and 7 years of leadership

  • Design Thinking

  • Epic, Cerner, Midas, AS/MS400, Credible, SharePointe, GoogleSuite, Availity, SSI, Pivot Tables


Professional Experience________________________________________________


Three Year Doctoral Scholar and Doctor in Training/ Grand Canyon University/ Remotely/ November 2019- Present

Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology: Cognition and Instruction (Qualitative & Quantitative Research); Certified Human Subjects Researcher, Psychological tests to measure learning outcomes, collaboration to increase instructional effectiveness, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, human learning and cognition, psychological theories, foundations of research 1 & 2, behaviorism, humanistic transpersonal and existential psychology, designing qualitative and quantitative studies, cognition and instruction, social cognition, quantitative and qualitative data collection and management, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, results and findings.


Revenue Cycle Clinical Data Analysis/Baptist Health/Little Rock, AR/September 2022-December 2022 3-Month Contract

Certified Revenue Cycle Leader, provides analysis, problem-solving, and communication with clinic departments on all matters pertaining to revenue cycle needs and key operating indicators (KOIs), Analyzing data to identify areas for improvement in the billing process, reviewing insurance companies’ payment patterns to identify any irregularities that may indicate fraudulent activity, Preparing reports on insurance claims status and payment amounts for health care facilities, physicians, or other medical professionals, as well as devising plans to cut costs, recommend budgets, build models, develop revenue forecasts, and comply with the laws and regulations; Epic.


Assessment and Referral Counselor/Haven Behavioral Healthcare/Frisco, TX/ April 2022-July 2022 3-Month Contract

Clinical research through conducted psychological assessments to document history and identify preliminary issues for treatment focus, Developed and implemented a plan of treatment, in conjunction with members of the treatment team, analyzing data, reconciliating data, and generating data reports.


Assessment and Referral Counselor/ The Bridgeway /North Little Rock, AR/ November 2021- June 2022

Clinical research through conducting psychological assessments to assure smooth and orderly admissions into the hospital, receives incoming admission inquiry calls, assesses patients for admission, and makes appropriate referrals, streamlines patient experience by completing the necessary assessments and documentation moving the patient through the admission process to the unit, assisting with the achievement of patient outcomes in accordance with the missions of the hospital via analyzing data, reconciliating data, and generating data reports.


Assessment & Referral Clinician/Ridgeview Behavioral Health/Smyrna, GA/April 2021- November 2021

Clinical research through conducted psychological assessments to document history and identify preliminary issues for treatment focus, Developed and implemented a plan of treatment, in conjunction with members of the treatment team, analyzing data, reconciliating data, and generating data reports.


Assessment & Referral Counselor/Lakeview Behavioral Health/Norcross, GA/April 2021- November 2021

Clinical research through assessing patient's state and extent of chemical use or psychotic state, conducted psychological assessments to document history and identify preliminary issues for treatment focus, developed and implemented a plan of treatment, in conjunction with members of the treatment team, communicated with referral sources and other appropriate parties regarding patients' progress, identified and assessed family or community resources such as group homes or mental health practitioners, conducted didactic and other appropriate patient groups and documented group notes for each patient, conducted family sessions as needed to help patient and patient's family understand mental illness and/or addictive disease, developed and coordinated an individualized discharge plan for the patient by utilizing treatment team and chart information to determine aftercare needs, provided backup services for incoming assessment and referral calls, performing and analyzing data, reconciliating data, and generating data reports.


Industrial & Organizational Consultant, Owner / Alluring Vibes / Remote/ October 2018- Present

  • Coached clients through life transitions of personal loss, grief, and emotional pain and relational upheaval. 

  • Conducted live audience seminars and workshop for inspiration and motivation. Implemented social learning theories, curriculum, and skills-based learning. Collaborated with outside entities, conducted exploratory research, and shared findings through writings via blog, three self-published amazon books, and used critical thinking skills to address the needs assessment determination. 

  • Teacher of psychology, intuition, and energetic healing modalities. 

  • Doubled customer base and increased income by 40% in less than a year due utilizing advanced social media skill.

  • Entrepreneurial experience of managing all business aspects while developing and implementing 

  • Assisted clients in transforming their lives and achieving their personal and professional goals, maintaining, and creating confidential client files including client follow-up, intake, and session documentation, utilizing potent questioning in the intake process to assist clients in locating the answers within.

  • Facilitated sessions one on one in person, in groups, over the phone, through email, webinars, skype video conferencing and internet radio.

  • Independent Research in Psychology via user experience utilizing AI/social media.


Behavioral Health Utilization Review Manager Clinician (S/T)/ The Potters House Family and Child Treatment Center/Stone Mountain, GA/ September 2020-December 2020 (3 Month Contract)

Exploratory clinical research through industrial and organization psychology via supervising and processing payroll for 17 therapists, provided new hire training and supplemental training, clinical documentation expert, HIPAA, quality analysts, clinical audits, human resources, analyzing data, reconciliating data, and generating data reports.


  • Ascertaining Quantitative and Qualitative data through Utilization Review- Initial Review, Concurrent Review, and Discharge Review, Appeals

  • Case Management

  • Risk Management

  • Crisis Management

  • Team/Leadership Management


Behavioral Health Intake Coordinator/CHI St Vincent/Little Rock, AR/August 2015- March 2020

  • proven performance in initial (intake admissions) psychiatric assessments for 49 bed adult psychiatric inpatient facility, Managed care, Managing Confidential Information

  • Screened and coordinated direct admissions from emergency departments, crisis teams, and other providers/agencies, provide direct admission paperwork and thorough report to the Charge Nurses of the unit, 

  • Clinical research through daily with treatment teams to deliberate census, discharges, and incoming admissions, managed census numbers, by tracking incoming and outgoing patients, analyzing data, reconciliating data, and generating data reports.

  • verified insurance coverage of incoming patients and accurately transcribe authorizations from outside facilities, 

  • participate in utilization review-precertification’s, authorizations, provided clinical documentation to insurance companies, and committee meetings. 


Clinical Care Coordinator/ The Bridgeway/North Little Rock, AR/ September 2016- 

November 2019  

  • Behavioral health utilization reviewer, care management, grievance and appeals.

  • provided satisfactory evaluation of professional medical care, services, procedures, and facilities against pre-established criteria, clinician trainer.

  • Clinical research through performing admission and concurrent utilization review and quality assurance of all patients of a 134-bed psychiatric inpatient facility (children & adolescents, adult, & Geriatric) against preestablished criteria; appeals adverse decisions by external review agencies. 

  • worked to assist with collection of outcomes data; provided contacts with outpatient provider, placements to Residential Care Facilities/group homes/substance abuse treatment providers. 

  • Conducted PHQ-9 surveys, safety crisis plans, jail holds arrangements & contacts with police/attorneys, Guardianship paperwork follow-up, 

  • directed daily continuity of care meetings. 

  • Documented clients' progress and collaborated with their individual team of healthcare professionals to facilitate clients' recovery, analyzing data, reconciliating data, and generating data reports.

Discharge Specialist/CHI St Vincent/Little Rock, AR/ February 2015-March 2020- 

  • Education provided to physicians, patients, families, and caregivers.

  • Collaborates with the case manager for medical management involvement by diagnosis, procedure, and high utilization of High costs, analyzing data, reconciliating data, and generating data reports.

  • Clinical research through discharge planning services to patients and supporting departmental staff in implementing the hospital’s discharge planning process.

  • Participated in hospital committees and/or teams as requested or appointed by the department manager or director.

  • Maintained effective relationships and communication with case managers clinical staff, physicians, patients, and families to assure timely and effective discharge plan.

Certified Mental Health Paraprofessional/Arkansas Counseling Associates, Conway, AR/January 2014-August 2014-

Provided case management, monitored, evaluated, and recorded client progress with respect to treatment goals, utilized Credible EHR, ICD-9-CM, CPT Coding, and Medicaid. Completion of Daily Living Skills training, HIPAA, CPR/BLS


Technical Support Analyst/Hewlett Packard/Conway, AR/ September 2012-January 2015-

Monitored customers’ requests for incident creation and updates, provided customer follow ups on existing incidents and events, worked with HP Service Manager to log and open trouble tickets, remote connectivity, analyzed symptoms and figure out underlying problem, recognized when user’s problem needed to be escalated to senior staff, prioritized, assigned and monitored the life cycle of the incident, troubleshoot and resolved basic network and voice communications issues, raised RMAs and followed up with external customers and vendors on the delivery and return of replacement parts, analyzed the root cause for any SLA missed, provided 1st level support to resolve server access problems, end-user hardware, operating systems and software related issues, executed various diagnostics and repair applications on users PC (such as virus and spyware removal, computer optimization, registry repair, device driver issues, Web related issues, wireless connectivity, etc.


 Master Level Counselor in Training/August 2010 to Present-

Provided individual, family, and group counseling, provided educational programs, maintained client records consistent with procedures and accreditation standards, provided treatment supervision as appropriate, and observed and documented prescription and on prescription medication, 12-Step Recovery, and HIPAA.


Professional Development__________________________________________ 

  • Grand Canyon University- Doctor of Philosophy in General Psychology: Integrating Technology, Learning, and Psychology (Qualitative Research) Scholar; Certified Human Subjects Researcher

  • Grand Canyon University- Master of Science in Psychology

  • Heritage College Hospital and Health Service Management Certification

  • University of Central Arkansas Bachelor of Science in Addiction Studies & Health Education

  • CPR & CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention) Certification

  • CRCL Certified Revenue Cycle Leader

  • NPI 1679990220 est. 2014


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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